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Cecilia Palombo 2019, Suomenlinna.


Viaporin Kekri is Think Sustainably event!

More information about the criteria of Think Sustainably:  

Think Sustainably | My Helsinki


Viaporin Kekri covers many criteria of Think Sustainably, for example energy, food, beverage, social sustainability and other sustainability categories in the following way:

The event is coordinated with the Governing Body of Suomenlinna and in collaboration with Suomenlinna sea fortress companies, entrepreneurs, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences and their students. The Governing Body of Suomenlinna uses electrity produced 100% by solar-, water-, bio- and/or wind power.

Eralp Kahyaoglu 2019, Suomenlinna.

Arrival to the event from Kauppatori happens with public transportation or ferries. We also encourage the participants of the event to favor public transportation or arrive to Kauppatori by foot or bicycle.

Viaporin Kekri offers many food and beverage services. Vegan options are available as well and the event’s food and beverage collaborations have been encouraged to provide a variety of vegan options.

Filling water bottles with drinking water is possible to do in multiple public bathrooms in Suomenlinna, where also information about the suitability of tap water as drinking water is given for the participants of the event.

Disposable food utensils and tableware are minimized also on the pop-up food stalls during the event. Those places that cannot avoid the usage of disposable options, biodegradable tableware and utensils are favored. There are waste sorting stations available near pop-up food stalls.


Due to the nature of the protected Unesco site, the accessibility has not been possible to organize in line with the authenticity of the premises. However, accessibility has been applied in Viaporin Kekri wherever it’s possible. You can find information about Suomenlinna’s accessibility here:

Accessibility Suomenlinna Official Website.

If there is something to be noted about the accessibility, it will be mentioned in specific programs. Viaporin Kekri has activities free of charge. 

The impact assessment to the nature, environment and cultural heritage has is carefully taken under consideration already due to the protected world heritage status of Suomenlinna and has been a key factor in planning and locating event structures and routes. Viaporin Kekri is executed with a low budget, which drives the purchases of the event to been maximaly sustainable, ie. we have given up on the paper program version.

Suomenlinna offers the possibility to sort plastic as well. Sorting will be possible also at the temporary waste bins. The cleaning service is committed to use EU Ecolabel detergents. The Governing Body of Suomenlinna has a WWF Green Office certificate and Sustainable Travel Finland status. The Governing Body of Suomenlinna being the coordinator of the event, they have an active role encouraging the stakeholders to adopt sustainability also in Viaporin Kekri. We ensure that we provide information for the participants and visitors to help everyone to have a healthy and safe experience. We kindly ask all the participants to take part in this event healthy.