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Viaporin Kekri

5th of November 2022, Suomenlinna

The winter in Finland is long, grim, and inescapable, and we have no choice but to embrace its arrival. Come to Suomenlinna to celebrate the long-forgotten festival of Kekri and look at the face of darkness with no fear.

Spirits of Suomenlinna.
Arttu Kokkonen, 2015, Suomenlinna.

On Kekri, the past breaks into the now, and the new arises from the old transforming the fortress and revealing its secrets. The souls of the dead return to the world of living, and people wallow in food, music, art, and games celebrating the last rays of light and the rich harvest. 

Read more about Kekri’s history and what it is now.

Burning of the Buck.
Arttu Kokkonen, 2015, Suomenlinna.

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Viaporin Kekri

The Darkest Feast of the Year

Recover Laboratory Performance.
Solomon Marttilla 2016, Suomenlinna.