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Arttu Kokkonen 2015, Suomenlinna.


CHECK THE PROGRAM The entire program can be found at Program.
TAKE YOUR TIME Viaporin Kekri is a very popular event. You may have to queue in particular for free programs. Arrive early and stay longer enjoying the services in the evening.
REGISTER IN ADVANCE Some of the programs can accommodate a certain number of participants and some require a registration in advance.
MIND THE CHILDREN The program that’s suitable for families is listed under For families section. In general, the event is for +7 years old.
WEAR WARM CLOTHES AND GOOD SHOES A large part of the program is indoors, but be prepared to the transfers between the event points by foot. Dress according to the weather and arrive without too much to carry. Put on good footwear and move carefully, because Suomenlinna has a lot of cobbled paths and the routes are currently being renovated.
BOOK TRANSPORTATION IN ADVANCE During the busiest hours, you should be prepared for the fact that you may have to wait for transportation. If you want to avoid traffic jams, reserve your seat on JT-Line transport in advance. More information about transport and additional shifts
FOLLOW THE SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Please note, that the entry to some areas of Suomenlinna are ristricted and avoid packing too closely to other people or areas where there might be danger of falling or tripping.
CHOOSE MORE RESPONSIBLY Viapor’s Kekri is a sustainable event. In your case, you can act more responsibly by arriving by public transport, cycling or by foot to transports leaving from the Market Square. There are vegan food options and program free of charge. There is no printed event brochure for ecological reasons, so download on the tab of your smart device and take advantage of the help of Suomenlinna’s tourist information and event information on site. More information on responsibility:
WELCOME Please participate only when you are healthy, thank you.

Suomenlinna tourist information and event info

Suomenlinna’s tourist information office is open at Viaporin Kekri with extended opening hours from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

At Suomenlinna’s tourist information you will find the answers to your questions regarding the UNESCO World Heritage Site Suomenlinna.

Suomenlinna tourist information is located in the pink beach barracks right next to the HSL ferry beach.

Viapor’s Kekri event info guides visitors to Kekri destinations and programs from 14:00 to 19:00. footwear.

Ferry Timetables

HSL and JT-Line will be transporting customers all day long.

HSL Ferry
Helsinki Market Square – Suomenlinna

7:00 & 7:40
9:00 & 9:40
11:00, 11:20 & 11:40
12:10 & 12:40
13:00, 13:20 & 13:40
14:00 & 14:40
15:00, 15:20 & 15:40
16:00, 16:20 & 16:40
17:00, 17:20 & 17:40
18:00 & 18:30
19:00, 19:20 & 19:40
20:00, 20:20 & 20:40
0:00 & 0:40

6:00 & 6:40
8:00 & 8:40
11:00, 11:20 & 11:40
12:10 & 12:40
13:00, 13:20 & 13:40
14:00 & 14:40
15:00, 15:20 & 15:40
16:00, 16:20 & 16:40
17:00, 17:20 & 17:40
18:00 & 18:30
19:00, 19:20 & 19:40
20:00, 20:20 & 20:40
23:00 & 23:40

JT-Line Waterbus Amiral
Helsinki Market Square – Artillery Bay

We recommend booking a place in advance!

More info in JT-Lines websites.

From the Market Square:

*) The ship stops at the Suomenlinna’s main pier

Return from Artillery Bay:



Adults 8€, children (7-17 years) 4€ & seniors 6€

One-way tickets can only be bought directly from the ship.

We recommend buying a travel ticket in advance from the online store, because the event has been really popular! This is how you secure your seat for the departure you want.

Additional info: M/s Amiraali has a cafe which sells hot beverages.

Safety instructions

Use extra caution when moving around in the fortress. Suomenlinna has less streetlights than other parts of the city, and most of the roads are made of uneven cobblestones. Please pay attention to where you are stepping and wear good shoes!

In Suomenlinna the fortification structures, walls and ramparts can be kilometres long and are for the most part unfenced and non-illuminated. Falling hazards can be found in very surprising places. Move with extra caution and supervise children at all times.

Currently there are many renovation projects ongoing in Suomenlinna and worksites can be found also on the main routes. Entry to the worksites and other closed areas is forbidden because of safety reasons.

Thank you for following the guidelines! You can read more about safety while visiting from Suomenlinna’s website.

Additional Services

K-Market Suomenlinna
Grocery store
Opening times: 8:00-21:00


Eralp Kahyaoglu 2018, Suomenlinna.

Boats to Suomenlinna depart from the Market Square. Please find ferry timetables from above.

You can find info for locations from the brochure, which are given on the day in Suomenlinna.

You may also ask help from the Info Point (check details above) or guides, who will be patrolling around the area. You can recognise the spirit guides from black capes and pale faces. Don’t be afraid to approach them, they’d love to help you!

Yes, entry to Suomenlinna during Viaporin Kekri is free.

There are free activities, as well as ones that require a ticket. Check the program to find detailed info for each venue.

Each venue that requires a booking, has a link to it under the venue details.

There is no ATM in Suomenlinna. Please withdraw money from the mainland.

If you need help or information, easiest and fastest way to contact us during the event is through Instagram Direct (@viaporinkekri).

Also guides (dressed in black capes), who are patrolling in the area and the employees in the Info point are there to help you.

Follow us on social media to stay updated.