Practical Info

Arttu Kokkonen 2015, Suomenlinna.

Info Point in Suomenlinna

Opening times: 10:00-20:00

Here you will find answers to all your questions regarding the event and getting around in Suomenlinna.

Info Point can be found at the pink Jetty Barracks building right by the HSL ferry quay.

Ferry Timetables

HSL Ferry
Helsinki Market Square – Suomenlinna

Weekend schedule

There are additional ferries at 20:00 and 20:40 leaving from Suomenlinna.

JT-Line Waterbus
Helsinki Market Square – Artillery Bay

From the Market Square:

Return from Artillery Bay:

Adults: 10€
Children (4-16 yrs.): 5€
0,50€ off each purchased adult ticket and 0,25€ off each childrens ticket will be given to John Nurminen foundation for the protection of the Baltic Sea.

Additional info: M/s Amiraali has a cafe which sells hot beverages.

Additional Services

K-Market Suomenlinna
Grocery store
Opening times: 8:00-21:00


Eralp Kahyaoglu 2018, Suomenlinna.

Boats to Suomenlinna depart from the Market Square. Please find ferry timetables from above.

You can find info for locations from the brochure, which are given on the day in Suomenlinna. You can also download the brochure (with a map) from the beginning of this page.

You may also ask help from the Info Point (check details above) or guides, who will be patrolling around the area. You can recognise the spirit guides from black capes and pale faces. Don’t be afraid to approach them, they’d love to help you!

Yes, entry to Suomenlinna during Viaporin Kekri is free.

There are free activities, as well as ones that require a ticket. Check the program to find detailed info for each venue.

Each venue that requires a booking, has a link to it under the venue details.

There is no ATM in Suomenlinna. Please withdraw money from the mainland.

If you need help or information, easiest and fastest way to contact us during the event is through Facebook messenger (@viaporinkekri).

Also guides (dressed in black capes), who are patrolling in the area and the employees in the Info point are there to help you.

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