covid-19 safety

Eralp Kahyaoglu 2019, Suomenlinna.

Welcome to Viaporin Kekri!

Instructions for a safe visit:
– We recommend wearing a face mask indoors and whenever close contacts cannot be avoided.
– Keep a safe distance to other parties when possible.
– Take care of hand hygiene. Service providers offer hand sanitizer and a possibility to wash hands.
– Participate only if you are healthy!

Getting to Suomenlinna

HSL ferry and JT-Line waterbuses take visitors to the fortress during the event. Open air travel on deck is possible on all vessels, hand sanitizer is available and safety distances are reminded with posters. HSL and JT-Line recommend all passengers to wear a face mask indoors. Schedules can be found here.

The Heatmap service of the City of Helsinki shows the visitor peaks in Helsinki Market Square. With the help of the Heatmap you can schedule a visit to Suomenlinna at a quieter time. Go to Heatmap. Based on previous events, the busiest time to return to the Market Square is immediately after the burning of Kekri Buck. We recommend sticking around a bit longer after the ceremony, many services are open until late.

COVID-19 certificate in Suomenlinna

Suomenlinna is a suburb of Helsinki where you don’t need a COVID-19 certificate on arrival. However, the service providers are independent entrepreneurs, and some require a COVID-19 certificate from their customers. We recommend you to download the certificate on your phone in advance if you intend to use restaurant services.

Suomenlinna has the same covid regulations as the rest of Helsinki.

As a neighborhood of Helsinki, the same COVID-19 regulations apply to Suomenlinna as to the whole Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The current info can be found from THL’s webpage.

Thank you for following the instructions. Let’s take care of safety together!

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